Varig 747-300 QTG and Data Update

Joel Plaice & Associates contracted Simprove to provide an FAA Level C replacement QTG for the Varig 747-300 Full Flight Simulator, installed at Aeroservice Aviation Center in Miami.  In addition to the QTG installation, Simprove installed the latest Boeing 747-300 aerodynamic data package and provide full support through to FAA Level C Qualification.

The QTG update included a full suite tests in accordance with FAA AC 120-40B, Level C, together with associated documentation.  The existing autotest system was be upgraded to include high fidelity control input stimuli to improve the simulator match with flight test data. Simprove’s  eQTGPlot PC based overplot system was installed, replacing the existing assessment method requiring transparent overlays on lineprinter output.

Flight Simulator Updates and Qualifications

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