Kalitta Air 747-200 Aero, Engines and QTG

Kalitta Air Cargo contracted Simprove to provide aerodynamic data updates, additional engine models and QTG support for its recently acquired Boeing 747-200 Full Flight Simulator.

A revised aerodynamic model has been installed to allow the simulation of either 747-200 or 747-300 aircraft types.  A completely new model and data package for the Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4G2 engine has been installed and integrated with the simulator.  The existing General Electric CF6-50C2 engine model has been retained.  The new models have been installed so that changeover between different aerodynamic and engine models can be accomplished from the Instructor Station without reloading the simulator.

A new TAT/EPRL (TAT/N1L for the GE engine) and FFRATS autothrottle simulation has been supplied to replace the existing PMS simulation, which has been deactivated.

Simprove provided additional systems software for the extensive flight deck modifications required to convert from passenger aircraft to Kalitta Air’s freighter configuration, especially with Autopilot/Flight Director, Avionics and Fire Detection.

A new Qualification Test Guide with a suite of new QTG tests was provided to cover all variants to support FAA Level C Qualification under AC 120-40B.

Flight Simulator Updates and Qualifications

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