Simprove, in association with Real Time Computing, has developed a replacement QTG results presentation system. eQTGPlot is an ARINC 436 compliant electronic Qualification Test Guide (eQTG) application. It has been developed to enable operators of legacy flight simulators to easily and repeatably produce an eQTG, with data overplot, a format increasingly required by to flight simulator regulatory authorities.

The presentation of results for Flight Simulator Qualification Test Guides is now universally in the form of simulator results overplotted by validation data.  However many older simulators still rely on transparent overlays being manually matched up with line printer or X-Y plotter outputs.  Assessing such tests is time consuming. In addition the FAA has decided that within a few years all QTG submissions should be in electronic form.  Clearly, submitting transparent overlay tests results electronically would be a time consuming if not practically impossible task.

To overcome this limitation, Simprove Ltd has developed a replacement QTG results presentation system. eQTGPlot is an ARINC 436 compliant electronic Qualification Test Guide (eQTG) application. eQTGPlot imports the output from the simulator’s existing autotest system, via an interface to a standard Windows PC, combines this with manufacturer’s validation data for each parameter presented, and outputs the result in an Overplot format, allowing quick and easy assessment of test results.

Where QTG tests already have Overplot but are printed to a line-printer, such as the CAE OVP system, Simprove’s eQTGPlot can be used to convert such output into a PC based electronic format, compliant with ARINC 436.

eQTGPlot is available either as a fully integrated turnkey replacement QTG product, using Simprove’s extensive experience of QTG production and presentation, or as a developers version enabling simulator operators to implement their own eQTG.

Key Features:

  • Overplot of aircraft manufacturer’s digitised data on existing QTG system output
  • Optional tolerance band presentation
  • Electronic QTG format with hard copy and archiving options
  • Utilises the simulator’s existing autotest system
  • Windows PC based, using standard interfaces from simulator printer output
  • Can be integrated with a PC based IOS for on board results evaluation
  • ARINC 436 Compliant

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Examples of eQTGPlot Output:

Note image resolution is reduced compared to actual output.






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