CTC Aviation Services Simulator Qualification Support

Simprove provided simulator qualification support for two full flight simulators installed during 2004 in CTC Aviation Service’s new Nursling Training Centre:

Airbus A320-200 Level CG Full Flight Simulator

Qualification support on the Thomson built A320-200 FFS included modifying existing QTG tests to meet JAR-STD 1A Level CG standards and the presentation of the QTG to the UK CAA inspection team.

Boeing 737-300/400/500 Level CG Full Flight Simulator

Qualification support for the Rediffusion built 737-300/400/500 FFS comprised a detailed review of QTG results in all three simulator configurations to ensure they met JAR-STD 1A Level CG standards.  In addition the existing latency tests were replaced by new transport delay tests reducing the number of tests required from 27 to 3 and making results analysis easier.  A new Master QTG document for the simulator was also written as part of the qualification requirement.

Flight Simulator Updates and Qualifications

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