CAE Australia Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 QTG Updates

Simprove was chosen to update the QTGs of two recently relocated CAE Full Flight Simulators to meet current Australian CASA qualification standards. The simulators had previously qualified to older standards under grandfather rules in Europe.

The first simulator updated was a Fokker 50. The QTG was updated to CASA Level B standards. The second simulator was a Fokker 100. The QTG was updated to CASA Level D standards.

Existing QTG tests were rewritten to tighter tolerances and with additional tolerance parameters. New QTG tests were created where validation data existed. Where aircraft data did not exist to meet the specified flight condition, baseline tests were created to record simulator behaviour in the required condition.

Simprove successfully satisfied the demanding CASA qualification requirements in each case.

Flight Simulator Updates and Qualifications

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