BAE Systems Flight Simulator Updates

Simprove has made software updates to both British Aerospace BAe 146 full flight simulators operated by BAE Systems at the Woodford Training Centre.

BAe 146 FFS (UK1)

As a result of CAA comments the control loading model of this Rediffusion built FFS was updated to provide the correct column feel during elevator full and free pre-takeoff checks. This required adjustments to mass unbalance, friction and damping terms in the model.  The effects of headwind and tailwind on the elevator surface were also added.

Motion vibration cues have been installed to simulate the effect of anti-skid operation. The touchdown thump cue has been modified to allow the simulation of heavier landings.

BAe 146 FFS (UK2)

Modifications have been made to the Flight Director software model of this Reflectone built FFS to reduce sensitivity to satisfy CAA requirements.

A long standing problem with the simulator’s lateral stability has been investigated and successfully resolved by modifications to the aerodynamic model.

Flight Simulator Updates and Qualifications

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